Recent History

For the last twenty years, the three great nations have been madly pursuing a mystical arms race, desperate to find something powerful enough to give them an edge against their rivals, or at least be able to guarantee mutual destruction.

Within the most secure towers and bunkers, arcane and divine magics are being pushed to their limit, warping the flesh of person and beast alike. Mad wizards turn their mastery of the arcane to building living weapons, grafting together living tissue and magical constructs in search of the ultimate fighting machine. The lesser nations serve as proving grounds (or, for some of the more hard to dispose of creations, dumping grounds) for these new weapons, and the resulting retaliations and border skirmishes serve as reason enough to continue developing new and more powerful weapons.

Despite the frenzy of research, a taut balance of power has held, with no nation able to claim a solid advantage in both offensive and defensive capability. Until now.

Within the last few months, rumors of war have gripped the three nations, and the people of the Known World wait anxiously for confirmation of their worst fears. Some whisper that a new player has arrived and tipped the balance of power, but who this could be and where they might be from is anyone’s guess.

Can a small band of heroes, armed only with their will and their convictions, stand against the darkness, or will the future of the Known World be only war?

Recent History

The Price of Triumph Walkingshark